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Welcome to the
Brothers Hildebrandt Tribute Pages!

About 35 years ago I read a book by JRR Tolkien
named the Hobbit, then the trilogy named Lord of the
Rings. With my imagination ablaze 5 years later I happened across a calendar that brought the characters to life. From then on I was hooked on any art work created by the Brothers.

With a sad heart and deapest sympathy I report the
passing of Tim Hildebrandt. Jean Scrocco has written
a beautiful eulogy to him, with several pictures and
Greg's memories, at their gallery. Please click on
Tim's picture above to link to it.

Greg & Jean came to L.A. in January of 2006! Here's a shot of them at the gallery Every Picture Tells a Story in Santa Monica. (Click to enlarge)

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Hildebrandt Art

The Art section of this site has a number of my favorite pieces, from rough sketches, to the finished paintings. I am currently adding new sections, such as Greg's Pinups, and Marvel Masterpieces, on a daily basis, and hope to one day have a comprehensive overview of thier amazing career. Until then, you will find this site contains many rare and wonderful collections of thier images from the Brothers beginnings, to the present.

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Gallery Tribute Pages

I was priveleged to visit with Greg & Jean, a few years ago, and take a tour of their home, the famous Spiderweb Art Gallery, and hundreds of Greg & Tim's original paintings! As I took a number of photos I have put my experience there in the Gallery section.

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