These are from the Brothers Atlantis Calendar Purhased from the Gallery

About the story, Plato first described the lost continent of
Atlantis as an advanced civilization that lay just beyond the
Pillars of Hercules. Myth and legend say that Atlantis
was destroyed by a series of tidal waves, volcanic
eruptions, and earthquakes caused by an asteroid.

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Atlantis Calendar Cover

Atlantis City Lights

The Mammoths of Atlantis

Naran & Kaleaha Quest

Nivick & the Faeries


Kaleaha & the Heada

Naran & Kaleaha Fighting the Tyranosaur

Aerial of Solan

Kaleaha & the Beast

Kaleaha fighting the Black Beast

Danger in the Sky

Calendar Cover 2 Unused



Battle with the Red Sea Beast

Moon Flight Pixie


Meeting of the Minds

Kaleaha & the Beast 1
Kaleaha & the Beast 2 Sketch

Kaleaha & the Beast 3

Kaleaha & the Beast 4

Naran Fighting the Black Beast

Fire Over the Valley

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