Brothers Hildebrandt Book Cover Art

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Here's a few of my favorite pieces from Marvel Super Heroes, Star Wars, and Xenya. Please feel free to browse away and enjoy their masterpieces.
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Book Cover Art


Apache Devil*

Blood Red Moon*
Mountains of Channadran* Child of an Ancient City* C.L.Moore*
Early Del Rey Green Knight Heavy Metal
Come See Jerusalem Merlin My Name is Legion
Raven Queen Ship Who Sang* Stellar2
Sword of Shannara Twins Unicorn Treasury
Well of the Unicorn Whisper of Glocken Fire Get
the Stone and the Maiden Voyage of the Basset

Wizard's War

Earth's Last Citadel Starcastle: Citadel

Covenant of the Forge

Tolkien Cover Art

Companion Smith-Farmer Chinese
Tolkien: Archichitect Guide to Mid Earth Master of Mid Earth

Tolkien Years

Cover Art for Greg & Tim

  • Cover: The Best of C. L. Moore (1975)
  • Cover: The Compleat Enchanter (1975)
  • Cover: The Towers of Toron (1975)
  • Cover: Run, Come See Jerusalem! (1976)
  • Cover: Stellar #2 (1976)
  • Cover: Red Moon and Black Mountain (1977)
  • Cover: The Sword of Shannara (1991)
  • Cover: The Fantastic Four: To Free Atlantis (1995)
  • Cover: Arthur (1996)
  • Cover: Merlin (1996)
  • Cover: Taliesin (1996)
  • Cover: The Ship Who Sang (1996)
  • Cover: The Sword of Shannara (1996)
  • Cover: Realms of Fantasy, August 1996 (1996)
  • Cover: Smoke and Mirrors (1997)
  • Cover: The Stone and the Maiden (1999)
  • Cover: The Rover (2001)

To buy prints or original pieces please visit Greg and Tim at the Spiderwebart Gallery. They're the Best!

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