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These paintings of Greg's family are snapshots of what each is dreaming at various points in thier lives. A way to look back and capturing a moment.


Of the 1974 painting I asked Greg what Mary was thinking about while looking at the rock. I think he said she was just about to throw it.

Mary 1974What he said in his "Tolkien to Oz" book was:
"I painted my daughter Mary when I was in a period of photorealism. No, even beyond photorealism. I was obsessed with what I considered micro-realism. This meant being as detailed as I could possibly be to the point of taking a microscope and viewing an object. The need was for an infinite amount of detail. I spent approximately three weeks on this painting and could have easily spent three more.


Mary 1984Of the 1984 painting he said in his "Tolkien to Oz" book:
"Unlike the first paint of Mary where my use of color was very subdued, this painting wa done with a very powerful use of color. This style was derived after approximately nine years of learning more about color and the use of color. I went back to the style of the impressionists, using maximum color everywhere, even in the shadows. Today, I see components of each that I like."


Of Gregory, what Greg told me was he was he was the model for All of the hobits in the Tolkien calendars. When I asked about Sam the hobbit, he said yes even him. He just stretched his face and body a bit, but if you look close all the faces are the same, ...Gregory. Also you can see him grown up in the illustrated Robin Hood book as... Robin

Gregory 1980Of the 1980 painting, he said in his "Tolkien to Oz" book:
"I was anxious to paint my son before he moved into his early teen years. The impact of Star Wars caused an obsession with the Fantasy of Space. So I was trying to capture the attitude of dreaming as he stared into space."


Gregory 1983Of the 1983 painting he said in his "Tolkien to Oz" book: "I wanted to paint my son so I asked him his preference. He chose to be painted in his mock army fatigues, with a handmade fantasy gun. This was a period of his life that dealt heavily with the fantasy of war. The feeling of the painting is strong, so I used strong colors to vsually this aspect of my son's adolescence."

Laura 1984What he said in his "Tolkien to Oz" book was:
"In my daughter Laura's painting she chose to wear an old coat of mine from the 60's. I guess this was Laura's way of porteaying her own personal rebellion. By painting my children in this way I have a permanent retrospect of certain stages in thier lives. This is something I hope to be able to do every three years, creating a pictoral history of my children for my children.

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