This is Lady Mary Stewarts' 1984 Merlin Calendar, painted by Greg. These were based on her best selling Merlin Trilogy series about King Arthur. After reading the book, I would highhliy recomend it to you. She writes from the perspective of Merlin, from his conception, to his demies. Not with the premise of fantasy, but based on some loose threads of history, and and myth, she weaves a story around a time and place she brings back to life in a compeling story.

Enjoy the magic!!!


The Prince of Darkness

Mithra & White Bull

The Prophecy

Valley of Wye

The Giants' Dance

Deception at Tintagel

The Hill People

The King's Sword

Arthur Honours Guinevere


Morgause's Revenge

The Holy Grail

King Arthurs Court Caliburn*


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