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Most of these paintings were done by Greg for 
a series of classic books in 1988. I purchased 
these from Spiderweb Art Gallery,  who still 
have some for sale. 

In my visit to the spiderweb art gallery, I saw 
several of these original paintings. I was 
treated to a personal tour where they talked 
about some of the models, background, and 
art techniques.  

Jean mentioned her motivation for publishing 
these was to provide the original stories, 
untarnished by movie versions, and richly 
illustrated by Greg for a new generation of 
young readers. What resulted was a fantastic 
set of classic books. 

(Please click to enlarge.)

Story Illustrations

Alice in W. Davey & the Goblin Wizard of Oz

Peter Pan Pinocchio Robin Hood

Favorite Fairy Tales Christmas Carol Peter Cotton Tail


Phantom of the Opera Poe

Christmas Treasury


  *These pages have the whole set scanned in.

To buy prints or original pieces please visit Greg and Tim at the Spiderwebart Gallery. They're the Best!

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