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I love their art! To compare their style, I'd say they have the control of texture, line, and light of a Rembrandt, yet the wild abandonment of extreme colors of a Van Gogh. 
If I'm missing a piece you'd like to see up here please let me know, and I'll see about adding it.

As a testament to their versatility and talent as illustrators, the Brothers' Hildebrandt artwork has appeared in a variety of formats, including book covers, book illustrations, clendars, posters, comic book covers and interiers, collector plates, and figurines.

Also I'm still adding a new series of pinup paintings by Greg as fast as he puts them out. One day soon I'm hoping to add Tims art, the Magic Card art, and Greg's Krull pre- production art sections. Please feel free to browse away and enjoy their masterpieces.

The most recent additions to this site have been to the Atlantis, and Urshurak sections and Gregs story books. The gallery has been finding and selling fantastic old original skeches for the paintings that are truely wonderful.

To buy prints or original pieces please visit Greg and Tim at the Spiderwebart Gallery. They're the Best!








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