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For about the last 5 years Greg has been painting something he really enjoys. Pinups! He is currently hard at work photographing models, and painting them into these 1930-1940's style era settings for his nude series. He told me he's still having a lot of fun with the series, and "for some reason the paintings keep getting bigger. Pretty soon they're gonna be lifesize!" Can you imagine the size?

To date, there are 36 paintings, with a section of proposed sketches or composites. Please feel free to browse away and enjoy his masterpieces.
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Also on Greg's Pinup site there are a few pictures of him hard at work, a few model pictures, preliminary sketches, and the final painting he made for the Red Light Poker tournament on the Royal Caribbean cruise ship.
(Please follow this link to his site.)

Or you can visit his main Pinup gallery and purchase some of the original paintings, sketches, prints, the new 2004 calendar, and limited edition signed and numbered Giclee Prints from the gallery at:


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Emerald Eve

Made in the USA

Pinups 1

Pinups 2

Pinups 3


Sketches 1

Sketches 2

Nose Cone Art

Sketch Themes

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