Tim Hildebrandt Book Cover Art

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Here's a few of my favorite pieces from Marvel Super Heroes, Star Wars, and Xenya. Please feel free to browse away and enjoy their masterpieces.
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Fantasy Cookbook

Book Cover Art


Books of the Black Current


Fire Get

Fang The Gnome

Unicorn Treasury
Dread Brass Shadows Bitter Gold Hearts Old Tin Sorrows
Red Iron Nights Sweet Silver Blues The Bridge of Dawn
Dealing with Dragons Greenmagic Son of Spellsinger
Taking Flight The Black Lynx Chorus Skating

The Dragonslayers The Stone Movers The Unicorn Hunt

Pedro's Journal Day of Their Return Petty Pewter Gods

Dragon Lance

Hammer & Axe The Covenant of the Forge The Swordsheath Scroll

Tri-Pod Trilogy

the White Mountains The City of Gold & Lead The Pool of Fire

Amazing Stories

Amazing Stories Worldstone

Merovingen Nights Art

Angel with the Sword Festival Moon Fever Season Troubled Waters
Smuggler's Gold Divine Right Flood Tide Endgame

Realms of Fantasy

Realms of Fantasy

Cover Art

To buy prints or original pieces please visit Greg and Tim at the Spiderwebart Gallery. They're the Best!

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